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sábado, 23 de abril de 2016

cartas / A Rontan está querendo quebrar um contrato de parceria com GDSI?

Dear Diario de Tatui publisher,

Please find the attached news about the termination intent by Grupo Rontan (a Brazilian company) of a previous contract (SPSA) for a merger by Global Digital Solutions, Inc. which is also known as GDSI (a US company). The news is contained on an official Form 8-K submitted by GDSI on Friday April 8, 2016 to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The following words are included.

The Sellers (Grupo Rontan, and Joao Alberto Bolzan and Jose Carlos Bolzan), have notified GDSI that they intend to terminate the SPSA. GDSI believes that the Sellers have no right to terminate the SPSA and that notice of termination by the Sellers was not permitted under the terms of the SPSA. GDSI believes that it has satisfied or otherwise waived the conditions to closing and on April 1, 2016 advised the Sellers of its intention to close the SPSA and demanded delivery of the Rontan Securities. GDSI has engaged U.S. and Brazilian counsel to enforce GDSI’s rights and remedies under the SPSA and applicable law, including, but not limited to injunctive relief, specific performance and damages and repayment of expenses associate with the enforcement of the provisions of the SPSA.

This action affects the Rontan company as a whole, and workers at Rontan there in Tatui as well. More news about this termination intent by Grupo Rontan should be coming out in Brazil on Monday, since it is now public knowledge here in the US. This is news for the Tatui Community and should receive some news coverage by your webpage to let your readers keep up to date with this situation.

Thank you for your interest.

Best regards,

T. Kane

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